3 Ways Bad Relationships Are Physically Killing You Slowly

by Relationshift

Committing to a life partner can add 3 years to life expectancy

We live in a time where we pay a lot of attention to a healthy lifestyle. We cautiously select our food and work out in the gym but are not very aware of the affects of our relationship on our health. Studies continue to link physical symptoms to our emotions. The connection that you have with someone can have both positive and negative effects on your body. Turbulent relationships that make your blood pressure rise and stressful interactions at the office aren’t just surface level – they cut deep. So the next time you are giving your loved one the silent treatment, you may actually be responsible for your own pain in the neck. Here are three key ways our emotions take out their bad days on our health.

Weight Changes

Watching and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most noticeable ways that we monitor the state of our personal health.  Changes in weight can be triggered by depression, an emotion often seen in high-conflict relationships. Frustration in a relationship can cause several adverse reactions that could contribute to weight gain.  Passive-aggressive
eating behaviors and changes in sleep patterns are just some of the symptoms that can develop from an unhappy relationship. Happy relationships and social connections can have a positive effect on your ability to get out and stay fit.  Good connections can motivate, help you set goals, and ensure accountability between friends and lovers equally.   

Stress Levels

It’s probably no surprise to you that stress has a tremendous effect on the body. For that partner shutting down emotionally and stonewalling his or her loved one, lower back aches and neck stiffness may be the prize he or she receives. Stress can have a very negative effect on your behavior, thinking, emotions, and physical health.  A study done by
the University of Michigan 
looked at how stress from a bad relationship could affect married couples over time. The researchers were particularly excited about these findings because they show that the effects of stress and negative
relationship quality are truly dyadic in nature. What was interesting is that husbands were more sensitive to wives' stress than the reverse especially given all of the work indicating that wives are more affected by the marital tie.

Shortened Life Expectancy

Happiness and a positive outlook do wonders for your personal health, so anger, frustration, and manipulation are bound to do the opposite. Quality connections that satisfy you as a person can increase your life expectancy while stressful
oppressive relationships shorten it. A review of 148 studies found that people with strong social relationships are 50% less likely to die prematurely. Similarly, The famous Blue Zone study of Dan Buettner calculates that committing to a life partner can add 3 years to life expectancy. 

I hope we made clear that positive relationships are an important part of the formula for a healthy, well-balanced life. So make sure your health-conscious lifestyle doesn't leave out this crucial ingredient. Until next time, here’s wishing you a healthy relationship!

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