Do opposites really attract?

by Relationshift

Most people aren’t capable of changing.

When we dive into new relationships we test our compatibility levels.  For many people, this means verifying if they have any common ground with their significant other that will allow the relationship to last.  However, this is not always the case and you can feel drawn to an opposite personality type. Does opposite attract in a relationship? The latest research
shows us that the answer is NO!  According to a large new study coauthored by Wellesley College researchers, opposites do not attract. The report, titled “Similarity in Relationships as Niche Construction: Choice, Stability, and Influence Within Dyads in a Free Choice Environment”, suggests that people are looking for partners that are similar to themselves. As a matter of fact, the researchers found that potential partners already have something in common at the beginning of their relationship, and this doesn’t change the moment the coupling evolves. "We're arguing that selecting similar others as relationship partners is extremely common — so common and so widespread on so many dimensions that it could be described as a psychological default," study author Dr. Angela Bahns said in a statement. Bahns said the reason we’re so drawn to similar people could be because, deep down, we realize most people aren’t capable of changing. Anything that disrupts the harmony of a relationship, like disagreements over core values or preferences, is likely to continue to cause
issues down the line.  We might foresee this outcome and choose to select people who are compatible with our needs and goals from the beginning in an effort to avoid doomed relationships, Bahns explained.  

Also other Studies show that people tend to be drawn to people that have similar interests and beliefs as their own.  Like-minded people validate each other’s beliefs and views, and therefore, this results in fewer conflicts. Shared ideas and beliefs can make us feel more relaxed with a person and therefore make it easier to open up emotionally.  So much for the expression “opposites attracts” when it comes to romantic relationships. It seems that we are attracted to our partner because of the similarities and these studies are showing us that not only do 'birds of a feather flock together' but they go one step further to show that 'birds of a feather find each other before flocking.'

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