Interview with Andrea Davina in online magazine

by Relationshift

How did the idea of ​​The Relationshift develop?

Andrea had the idea of ​​doing something to keep loving relationships exciting and fascinating for a long time. “With a dog you follow a puppy course, we read books to keep our professional knowledge up to speed and we go to the gym to keep our body healthy. But what do we do for our relationship?". Roel's technology input, has resulted in an online program for couples. 

You have an idea, and then? How do you start?

“Do a lot of research, read on the topic and talk with professionals and your target audience. Then it's a matter of just doing and make it happen”. 

How did you develop the program and the app?

In collaboration with various experts and specialists we met, we have written, elaborated and developed the program. Of course we have done all the exercises ourselves. Then we sat with the developers to build it. Subsequently, family and friends participated in the test phase and after that the program was launched officially.

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